Governance Overview

Board Agendas & Minutes

Board meetings are open to the public and there is an opportunity at the beginning of the meeting for visitors to make comments, limited to three minutes per person. The board may ask clarifying questions but dialogue and action are prohibited unless the topic is on the agenda.

Governing Board Schedule for the 2020-2021 school year will be posted soon.

Finance-HR Meetings

Regular meetings of the Finance-HR Committee are held at the Pacific Grove campus at the Resource Room. The Finance/HR needs to be changed to reflect that the Finance/HR committee will meet in November, February, April, and May. Dates will be announced via ParentSquare. Correspondence may be sent in care of:

Monterey Bay Charter School
1004 David Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Board of Directors Meetings

Regular meetings of the Governing Board are held at the Pacific Grove campus at the Resource Room on Wednesdays until December and in January they will commence on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm, unless otherwise noted on the agenda. Correspondence may be sent in care of:

Monterey Bay Charter School
1004 David Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

All correspondence will be delivered to Board members prior to the next scheduled meeting and is entered into the public record.

School Board

Parent Circle

Foundation Board

Governance Overview

School Board

The Board of Directors is responsible for supporting the school’s vision and continuity of leadership at MBCS. It is responsible for carrying out board responsibilities as outlined in the corporation’s bylaws.

Board of Directors

Ken Turgen, Chair
Carmel York, Treasurer
Tomi Burgess, Director
Mitch Fadem, Director
Jody Garry, Director
Kathi Lares, Director

Correspondence may be sent in care of:

Monterey Bay Charter School
1004 David Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Responsibilities of the Board:
  • Uphold and revise (with permission of the granting agency) as needed the school charter. Adopt, amend and implement Board bylaws, internal Board policies and procedures.
  • Ensure adequate resources for the school’s programs.
  • Establish and work toward achieving long-term and short-term goals.
  • Oversee the fiscal management of the school including:
  • All audits and reports required by state or federal law.
  • Approval of the annual school budget.
  • Review and approval of quarterly budget reports.
  • Secure and maintain the school site.
  • Ensure the health and safety of the school.
  • Hire, support, supervise and evaluate the school director.
  • Approve hiring and termination of school faculty and staff.
  • Oversee school parent participation structure.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of school programs.
  • Act as an avenue of communication for the school community, including:
    The resolution of grievances.
    Conducting exit interviews for employees and families who leave the school.
  • Represent the school in the larger community.
  • Prepare and publish an annual report including:
    The progress made towards achieving the long-term and short-term goals established by the Board.
    The fiscal health of the school.
    Significant events.
Governance Overview

Parent Circle

The role of the Parent Circle is to encourage parent and community involvement in the school via such activities as: building community partnerships, fundraising, promoting parent volunteerism, and parent education.

It is the mission of the Parent Council to unify the collective efforts of the teachers, parents and administration for the betterment and health of the school.

The Parent Council is dedicated to cultivating an active and diverse community that nourishes the vision of the Monterey Bay Charter School. The Parent Council champions volunteerism that comes from the head, heart and hands of its community members, and in turn promotes student achievement.

The Parent Circle strives to:
  • Advocate for students’ health, safety and academic success;
  • Inspire and support individuals to share their unique and valuable gifts through volunteerism;
  • Contribute to the fiscal stability of school programs and initiatives

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


Candace Villarta, Communications & Development Manager

Governance Overview

Foundation Board

The Monterey Bay Charter School Foundation (the Foundation), formed in 2010 to provide fundraising support for the Monterey Bay Charter School (MBCS or the School), a public charter school.

The Foundation’s mission is to support the work and programs of the Monterey Bay Charter School and to build a new school facility.

A detailed Memorandum of Understanding exists between the Foundation and the School, outlining the roles, responsibilities, and accountability for each entity. The Memorandum of Understanding ensures that the Foundation and School maintain separate fiscal identities while at the same time working toward the common goal of supporting the School and its curriculum.

Foundation Members

Mark Cohan, Chair
Shirmaine Jones, President
Jim Rinehart
Karyn Garcia
Mike Lowrey

The Foundation’s services include:
  • Researching and outlining a fundraising structure for the School; planning and conducting fundraising and donor acquisition programs for the School;
  • Preparing and submitting private and government grant applications on behalf of and in cooperation with the School;
  • Identifying and nurturing relationships with potential donors;
  • Engaging in development and solicitation of funding and other resources to support the educational purposes of the School;
  • Building a new school facility in a location that is central to all Monterey County students.
Governance Overview

Student Council

Students in Grades Six through Eighth may apply to be members of Student Council. These students meet weekly to plan and execute activities that enhance the school and participate in extra curricular activities.
Some of the activities include:
  • Middle school dances and other fun activities;
  • School ‘spirit days’ such as Pajama Day and Crazy Hat Day;
  • Betterment of the school campus.
Volunteer Work

Community Service

Believing that service learning is a valuable part of the educational process, MBCS requires that all students in 6th-8th grades perform a minimum of 15 hours of community service each year. Signed confirmation of service must be submitted to receive credit.

Community Service must consist of volunteer service for organizations outside of our school community, and a few hours of volunteer work on the school campus. Suggestions for Community Service opportunities at the school will be provided from time to time during the school year. Students are encouraged to find opportunities in the wider community as well.

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