What Our Alumni Say

“I was a kindergartener. This was a Waldorf school. From Kindergarten to 8th Grade I sang, drew, knit and played to my heart’s content. We didn’t have text books. We made them. Hundreds of pieces of paper sat on our desk as I sew together a book of my writings and drawings. When I graduated MBCS, I wasn’t just a complete student but a complete person. I wasn’t taught just names and dates but taught care, love, respect, and responsibility. We all have different beginnings and backgrounds, but I think it’s always important to find a place that feels most at home, a place that feels safe and identified with. A place that is truly you.”

– MBCS Alumnus, now attending York School


What People are Saying

“As the parent of two students, what sets MBCS apart from other (excellent) schools is the focus on developing not only a very competent, but confident person. Most institutions can teach the necessary curriculum for higher education, but it takes an intentional effort on the part of the entire school to help a child develop a sense of “self” that cannot be easily unraveled by one challenging exam or shaken by a classmate’s comment. At MBCS, the children learn to shift their attention from how they rank relative to their peers, to how they compare to the best version of themselves. The effect is a profound realization that eludes many adults: academic abilities and struggles are not a reflection of a person’s value. Unraveling their self-worth from their abilities frees MBCS students from any hesitation to go deeper into the areas of study that don’t come easily. For these students, learning truly becomes a passion rather than a benchmark; opening them up to unparalleled creativity and engagement.”
— Jennifer Murphy, MBCS Parent
“By the time students reach us, they are grounded broadly and deeply and have a remarkable enthusiasm for learning. They possess the eye of discoverer and the compassionate heart of the reformer, which when joined to a task, can change the planet.”
— Arthur Zajonc Ph.D.,Professor of Physics Amherst College
“MBCS is proof that a solid institution transcends its mere structures; despite a somewhat nomadic existence as far as physical locations over the years, the community’s coherence and dedication shine through with great consistency.”
— MBCS Parent
“If I had a child of school age, I would send him to one of the Waldorf Schools.”
— Saul Bellow, Nobel Laureate
“By tapping into the experiential and expressive aspects of music, teachers can add a distinctive dimension to instruction in other subjects.”
— From Growing Up Complete: The Imperative for Music Education, The Report of the National Commission on Music Education, March 1
“The school has a strong sense of community. Teachers treat the students with respect offering them to grow as indiviuals with its unique curriculum.”
— MBCS Parent
“Waldorf methods education nurtures the intellectual, psychological and spiritual unfolding of the child.The concerned parent and teacher will find a multitude of problems clearly addressed in this practical, artistic approach.”
— Joseph Chilton Pearce, Author, Magical Child
“Entering a classroom at this school can be a transformational event in changing your expectations about what school can be about.”
— MBCS Parent
“Waldorf methods provide a program that not only fosters conventional forms of academic achievement, but also puts a premium on the development of imagination and the refinement of the sensibilities.”
— Elliot Eisner †, Ph.D., Professor of Education and Art, Stanford University
“Parents will find nothing quite like this school anywhere in the area. Beyond the Waldorf-inspired curriculum, with its emphasis on the love of learning and the potential of every child across multiple intelligences, the community has been inspirational.”
— MBCS Parent

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