Chalkboard Drawing by Timothy Frantzich
Please join us for our Festival of Courage on Thursday September 26 from 9:50-noon

One of the hallmarks of a Waldorf school experience is the rich festival life. Celebration of seasonal festivals brings awareness of the rhythms in nature and provides an opportunity for gathering together in community. The first festival of the school year is The Festival of Courage on September 26. This festival inspires us to have courage to confront and conquer the dragons in our lives, internal and external, as we prepare for the coming of winter.

The Festival of Courage gives us a dramatic image of a community gathering together to prepare the harvest for winter when a fearsome dragon shows up ready to devour all. George is the hero who valiantly prevails by taming the fearsome foe. The image of George taming the dragon represents our inner courage to face our known and unknown fears. As summer draws to a close can we tame the dragons of uncertainty, fear, and doubt that may arise when we feel the approaching solitude of cold, dark winter? At the end of the pageant, George holds up his sword, representing courage, truth, and inner strength. Like George, we battle our own dragons with goodness, truth, and determination. And we can use our strength to serve our community. Autumn is a great time to ponder and battle these dragons and muster the courage and strength for inner growth.


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