New School Project

MBCS has been a home for over two decades for students and families seeking a holsitic, arts-oriented approach to learning that meets children where they are. We have seen the profound impact our approach has on children, and have heard from families how our unique curriculum and culture helps our students long after they graduate. Each child is one of a kind, so our school has to be one of a kind, too.
Moving Onward

This is a long and complex path. As just one example, the latest step forward, securing a lease agreement, was delayed for 18 months due to factors out of our control. We are pleased to share we have reached agreement on a deed for a parcel of land at California State University Monterey Bay. We are moving onward as quickly as we can while being appropriately prudent about each decision we make. We are also ensuring we give our full attention to running MBCS each day to provide the best possible educational experience for each of our students.

We are now exploring our options to raise the funds needed to fund the new campus. We will also need to pass various permitting and review processes in the coming years as the project takes shape. We are working with a number of advisors – both formal and informal – who have experience in all aspects of financing, permitting, and building new schools.

Accessibility, Visibility, and Diversity

We have worked for years with limited space and a challenging physical infrastructure that includes a split campus with duplicative and inefficient administrative systems. We also realize our location, though appealing aesthetically, is not helpful in making MBCS accessible to all residents in the county. Being accessible is a fundamental value of our school, and we need to increase our visibility to students from all backgrounds and communities.

The solution to these challenges of accessibility, visibility, and diversity is to move our school to a new location as soon as we are able. The process of relocating in the future is being supervised by our governing board, which is listed on the website. Our foundation board has been charged by the board with building a plan to fundraise for the new school. Those members are also listed publicly. These boards and our school as a whole, are under a charter issued by the Monterey County Board of Education, which must also be consulted at times during this process.

We will communicate updates periodically on the website, or you may ask a board member or the Executive Director if you have specific questions or ideas for the project.

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