Monterey Bay Charter School has just won a prestigious award! Bright Futures is a community partnership of diverse members fostering progress in education outcomes for local students, from cradle to career, and improving the pipeline of quality talent within Monterey County. There is more info below.

Dear Principal (and MBCS community),

Your school has been chosen as a “Bright Spot” in our community and you are invited to be recognized at an upcoming event featuring local, cross-sector leaders from civic, business, faith government, education, non-profit and philanthropic organizations. The whole community is coming together to celebrate educators with stories of improvement and success.

In 2015, the Bright Futures Education Partnership was formed to foster progress in cradle to career outcomes in Monterey County. Community members prioritized 7 community goals to focus our shared collaboration and improvement of educational outcomes. The Partnership serves as a hub of innovation, a catalyst for change, a supporter of change-makers and a broker of solutions that work. To learn more about Bright Futures, visit

On behalf of the Bright Futures Education Partnership, we would like to commend you for the great strides your school has made in improving educational outcomes for your students. Our analysis of countywide data has identified your school as achieving a multi-year, positive trend, particularly in serving under-represented students or those living in poverty. Because of these achievements, your school has earned the distinction of having a top-performing, community Bright Spot.

The Bright Futures Team


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