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MCGIVES! runs through midnight December 31. Support the MBCS with a tax-free donation.
We invite you to join in this great program, become a donor, even help spread the word. If you would, pass along the print issue of Monterey County Gives! to a friend or co-worker. Use the social media tools on this website to post your message to Facebook or Tweet about Monterey County Gives! Every bit helps. We’re in this together, and can collectively create positive change for all of us who call Monterey County home.

Monterey Bay Charter School aims to empower teachers to strengthen early childhood literacy. Because the English language is uniquely challenging in its complexity with phonics, grammar and vocabulary, Monterey Bay Charter is increasing its efforts to strengthen early literacy through its Empowering Early Literacy Program. Their goal is to support the young learners and the teachers by investing in curriculum packets, a library of diverse early-reader books and training for teachers.

Thank you!

MCGIVES 2019 Campaign is now closed, together we raised more than $20,000!
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