Fall News & Updates

Over 460 students participated in our annual Festival of Courage on September 27, 2018. Each year the students look forward to playing a new role, seeing the newest dragon, and being part of a play that represents each of us fighting our own challenges! (This year we had a two-headed dragon!)

This month students will delight in another annual tradition, Halloween Village! Kindergarteners will tour the many worlds created by students in other grades.

The Fall Musical Showcase

The Fall Musical Showcase is coming in December. Imagine a school where every 4th-8th grader plays an orchestral instrument. Yes, that school is Monterey Bay Charter School! Children in the lower grades also get music weekly in the form of singing and working with various instruments, such as recorders.

MC Gives 2018!

MBCS has been accepted to MC Gives 2018!
Kick off is Thursday, November 8th, 2018
This is a Critical Fundraiser for MBCS!


Other Events