The purpose of the independent program at MBCS is to promote a consistent education through times when a student is not able to be in the regular classroom from one (1) to fifteen (15) school days. When a student must be absent for a predetermined amount of time, a student may complete a set of assignments prepared by the Supervising Teacher. If requested, students are required to initially report to the Director and meet with their Supervising Teacher to discuss reporting progress.

For pupils in Kindergarten and Grades 1st though 8th, the work is due the day the pupil returns to school. If a student is requesting five consecutive days of school, the work is due on the sixth day, even if the student has requested more than five days of independent study. (For example, a student requests seven days of independent study. The first five days are due on the sixth day and the sixth and seventh days are due when the student returns to school on the eighth day.)


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