KSBW Action News 8 Video: The administration said outdoor learning is a huge part of the curriculum. Whether it’s gardening or hanging out with friends outside, the school likes for students to incorporate their five senses. Several students are elated to be back.
Monterey Bay Charter School reopens with big emphasis on outdoor learning

We wanted to share with you that Monterey Bay Charter School was featured on KSBW last night. The feature focused on our return to in person instruction with outdoor classrooms. MBCS is the first school on the central coast to work with Green Schoolyards America to design outdoor classrooms. Thank you to everyone who has donated and volunteered their time to build these spaces. We appreciate you so much!

Your generous donations allowed for us to purchase a great deal of lumber to create outdoor classrooms, portable chalk boards for our teachers and 5 gallon buckets and clipboards for each student to use outdoors.

While we made tremendous progress, we still have lots of work to do. We still need to purchase shades for our outdoor spaces, new picnic tables and materials to hang outdoor chalkboards. We look forward to keeping you updated on our spring fundraiser for outdoor classrooms!

“Feels like a joyous day and it’s really lovely it’s happening in spring. Children naturally fell into a flow with one another and an awe and reverence for what they are seeing around them,” said Malia Rives Smith, Monterey Bay Charter School kindergarten teacher.
“Happy and excited. It’s super fun to be back,” said Farrah Spadoni, Monterey Bay Charter School student.
A design team took into account the elements that surround the school outside. The mostly outdoor learning model aligns with the school’s curriculum.

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