Congratulations MBCS Graduates!

Our eighth grade graduates had a wonderful commencement celebration on our outdoor stage, at the Pacific Grove campus, on Thursday, June 6. Friends and family joined us to celebrate the achievements of these amazing students.

We are so proud of our graduates and thankful for the volunteers who helped organize a fun event. We are equally thankful for our amazing eighth grade teachers, Mr. Ballard and Mrs. Croft for all of their incredible work with our eighth grade students this year.

Congratulations students! Please know you are always welcome at Monterey Bay Charter School. We will miss you!

Monterey Bay Charter School is proud to celebrate pride month with our LGBTQIAA + Community!

Our middle school Student Council team celebrated Pride Month before the school year ended. Students in grades three through eight were able to chalk our school with vibrant chalk drawings and received a rainbow sticker for their hard work. Well done Student Council!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforce: Building A “Brave Space”

Our DEI Taskforce wrapped up another great year of important work. Please click the link below to read our end of year report for the MBCS School Board.

If you would like to share your thoughts in community, please join our social media conversation Facebook group@ “Brave Space: Courageous Conversations with MBCS”

Thank You Donors!

Thanks to your generous support this year, our school was able to raise over $205,000!

MBCS would like to thank the following donors for their incredible contribution of over $1,000 to our school this past year.

  • McCullough Family
  • National Marine Sanctuary
  • Brown Family
  • Community Foundation for the Monterey Peninsula
  • Big Sur Marathon Foundation
  • Taylor Farms
  • Ray Family
  • Andrianova Family
  • Villarta Family
  • Del Monte Kennel Club
  • Mach Family
  • Alwill Family
  • Walmart
  • Veloce Valuations
  • Monterey Peninsula Volunteer Services
  • Vicioso Family
  • The Hicks Family Charitable Fund
  • Carter Family
  • Crichton Family
  • Jacobs Family
  • Guerrero Family
  • Lefebvre Family
  • Rodgers Family
  • Burgess Family
  • Browning Family
  • Casserly Family
  • Bird Family
  • Knapic Family
  • Hamilton Family
  • Gentry Family
  • Subaru Foundation
  • Plescia Family
  • Renois Family
  • Alecia Hull Real Estate
  • Schrader Family
  • Troyer Family
  • Dodson Family
  • Yellow Brick Road Foundation

MBCS would like to thank the following donors for their incredible contribution of over $500 to our school this past year.

  • Parr Family
  • Snedden Family
  • Shihadeh Family
  • Guzzi Family
  • Mata Family
  • Central Coast Head & Neck Surgeons
  • Tudisco Family
  • Phillips Family
  • Dunne-Lowrey Family
  • Ballard Family
  • Pacific Grove Rotary Club
  • Eason Family
  • Enea Family
  • Weaver Family
  • Pennington Family
  • Martin Family
  • Lawrence Family

Also Big Thank You’s to…

We would like to thank all of the amazing family volunteers who helped in the classroom, chaperoned field trips, worked garden beautification days, served on the MBCS School Board, Foundation Board, HR Finance Committee, Parent Circle, Ocean Guardian Team, library team, garden committee, and the DEI Taskforce. A BIG thank you to our incredible teachers who continued to provide our students with an amazing education. We could not have had a successful fiscal and academic year
without all of you!

MBCS 2023-2024 Annual Report

Please read our annual report below to review our achievements this fiscal year.

Happy Summer!

Gnome Highlights Newsletter will resume in August!


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