Festival of Courage Fun!

On Thursday September 22, families were warmly invited to join us for our Festival of Courage, a seasonal Autumn festival dedicated to finding a sense of strength and peace in community and to “tame our dragons.”

Outwardly, “dragons” appear as challenging life circumstances. Inwardly, they arise as difficult emotions and mental states that disrupt our equilibrium and shake our comfort zone. With courage, wisdom, and the support of loving friends, we do not need to fight these dragons, but instead we can learn to work with them skillfully, harness their energy and transform them into opportunities to become better people and do good in the world. This is the theme of our Courage Play. Thank you to everyone who joined us!

Around Campus

MBCS administration extends a warm and loving thank you to all the incredible teachers and faculty who have worked so hard to set up their new classrooms and prepare for a fantastic school year. Thank you, team. We appreciate you! ⁠

Here are some fantastic chalk drawings by our 5th grade teacher, Mr. Joseph, that greeted his students as they begin their botany main lesson block this month.

Amazon Smile

Did you know MBCS has an Amazon Smile account? If you are ordering items via amazon, please consider adding MBCS as your charity of choice. This is a great way to order items and support the school. If you have not already selected MBCS as your charity you will need to do so. It is listed as Monterey Bay Charter School Parent Teacher Group.

Please Consider Donating

The Monterey Bay Charter School Parent Teacher Group is a registered 501c3 organization with EIN # 26-1729713. All donations are tax deductible. To support Monterey Bay Charter School programs, please click the donate button below.

Donor Spotlight:
Steve Kittrell

We would like to thank the Kittrell family for purchasing a brand new volleyball net and court to support our middle school sports program! We look forward to using our new volleyball setup for many years to come. Thank you Kittrell family!

Ocean Guardian Day of Action

A big thank you to all of the Ocean Guardian students who showed up to help clean Casa Verde beach in September for our NOAA Ocean Guardian Day of Action. Thank you Ocean Guardian team for organizing an amazing event for our school community!

Monterey Bay Charter School is entering its eighth consecutive year of being a NOAA Ocean Guardian School. We receive federal funding through the National Marine Sanctuary program to promote ocean literacy and stewardship, invite special guests, conduct classroom activities, go on outdoor field trips, promote organic gardening, restore native plants, hold beach clean-ups and reduce waste. As part of this effort we have embarked on a journey to become a zero-waste school, by becoming aware of what we are throwing away, recycling, composting, and avoiding single use plastic.

MBCS has Enrollment Openings for this School Year

Please spread the word. All interested families can apply online at: www.mbayschool.org. Families can also schedule a school tour online!

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