Here is an example of a completed outdoor classroom space.

Thank You!

This Weekend’s Outdoor Classroom Build was a Success!
We wanted to share with you the amazing hard work our parent volunteers and faculty put into creating outdoor classrooms for our students this past weekend. What a gift it is to have so many dedicated volunteers who want to see our students return to school safely.

For many children, schools are a safe and stimulating place to be while parents or guardians are at work. Returning to school for in person instruction allows our students time to create positive daily rhythms and for some, introducing them to a classroom setting for the first time. Our philosophy has always been to educate the whole child. We want to continue to foster connection, community and the importance of relationships.

We understand returning to school for in person instruction is a big decision for our families with many factors to consider. Our newly built outdoor classrooms are an additional safety measure put in place to ensure our students can resume in person instruction in an open air environment. We hope our families will consider the tremendous social and emotional benefits for our students to return to school safely, with their peers and teachers who have missed them dearly.

Thank you to everyone who donated to our outdoor classroom Spring Fundraiser. Your generous donations allowed for us to purchase a great deal of lumber to create outdoor classrooms, portable chalk boards for our teachers and 5 gallon buckets and clipboards for each student to use outdoors.

While we made tremendous progress last weekend, we still have lots of work to do. We still need to purchase shades for our outdoor spaces, new picnic tables and materials to hang outdoor chalkboards. We look forward to keeping you updated on our spring fundraiser for outdoor classrooms!


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